April 29, 2010

Don't get married. Ride your bicycle.

When I was a kid of about 7 or 8 I DISTINCTLY remember my Grandpa Lema telling me "Don't get married.  Ride your bicycle."  I think this was in direct correlation to him arguing with my Grandma over SOMETHING.  I wish I could remember what.  I do remember it was the kind of arguing that makes you realize even as a kid how well these two people know each other and how much they truly love each other.  They argued all the time but damned if it wasn't entertaining - and damned if it didn't teach me to be a little firecracker when I'm really passionate about something. 

So as I'm at a time in my life when the majority of my best friends are quite suddenly getting married, this phrase has darted out at me frequently.  Most importantly, it makes me laugh because my Grandpa was HILARIOUS.  Although sometimes I'll over analyze it and think maybe he was telling me to not get tied down and to roam the world free, to pursue my dreams as a lone pirate or ranger or cowboy or Jedi or other rogue awesome scavanger warrior.  Or maybe he was saying that it is my destiny to ride alone for awhile. 

Or maybe he just said it cause he knew it would make my Grandma frown and then try hard not to laugh and then hit him with a kitchen spoon.  Cause that's how in love they were.