August 9, 2010

A Conversation Between Me and Kevin: Part EIGHT

well well well
cant make it out, eh?

hello kevy
yes well
i get off work at 5:30


so it would be impossible for me to get there
you did it on purpose

i get off at like 7
im leaving early
because life is short
and you should spend it with friends

August 6, 2010

Firework to the Head

When my best friend Danielle and I were in France a couple of years ago, we were in Paris on Bastille day.   It was our first night in Paris and we sat under the Eiffle Tower with a few of our new French friends, wine and cheese that smelled like feet (the cheese not the wine), and whole avocados that we ate out of the shell with a spoon.  It grew dark and the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen literally took my breath away.  At one point some dude put his video camera on a tripod right in front of our faces but that was rectified.  That guy was a jerk.  But wow was that amazing to see all the people under the ol' Eiff and the sky lit up, totally submerged in this foreign and beautiful place. 

I think the fireworks went on for an hour - it seemed like it anyway.  Once they finished we packed up and our friend we were staying with said we would walk home to her flat per Bastille Day tradition.  I stood up, tears in my eyes from the beauty of it all, so glad to share this glorious moment with my best friend, looked up at the Eiff, and GOT HIT STRAIGHT IN THE FACE WITH A MINI FIREWORK.  I mean literally a FREAKING FIREWORK hit me in the FACE.  Some kid must have set it off in the crowd.  France apparently has no illegal fireworks law.  I looked wildly around for the culprit, clutching my nose and staggering with a Hunchback of Notre Dame type stance. 

Danielle and our French friend were walking ahead of me and I yelled "I was hit!!! I was hit!!!"  I couldn't find the firework anywhere on the ground.  I hope it was trampled by the crowd.  I can't remember what the reaction was from my friends, but I'm pretty sure Danielle burst out laughing.  And I'm also pretty sure I shamed all of France. 

I composed myself and pointed at my "injury".  It was a tiny little red mark that went away in about 3 hours.  But I will never forget that little firework.  It was as if it sensed my dreamy, hopeful, wonderful moment and said in a French accent "AH-HA!  Take zat silly americann! Pull yourself togethzer!"

That was a great night.