September 9, 2012

Workplace Etiquette.


How  long should you wait to hold a door open for someone who is behind you?  How close do they need to be for you to wait for the person to reach the door, and how do you know when the person is so far away that you should just slam it in their face?


There’s only three options for walking down a long hallway in which someone else is walking toward you from the opposite end.  One: avoid eye contact and look somewhere else the entire time until you pass, preferably at the ceiling.  Two: wait until you’re just about to pass each other and then give a glance and a reassuring smile as if to say, "oh i didn't see you there walking toward me for the past five minutes, but now that I do see you, this isn't awkward at all."  Or three: be a woman/man and look them dead in the eye, all the way down the hall, without blinking.