March 7, 2013

Never Say Bieber

I was texting back and forth with my friend Coco yesterday, talking about how we had both been neglecting our blogs over the winter time.  Coco said "I haven't written a lot this year."  And I went to respond by saying "Neither have I."  But instead, my phone auto-texted "Bieber have I."

I have never felt so betrayed by my cell phone in my life.  I can't recall ever texting or emailing about the Biebs in the past - which brings me to question why my cell phone a) knew the word "Bieber" and b) thought the word "Bieber" would be more useful to me than the word "neither."

My only conclusion is that the Biebs has now begun his plan to take over everything in the world, even our personal devices, and by his design, years from now the only word in the English language will be "Bieber."  And maybe also "baby baby baby AW."  And yes, I hate myself for knowing that song.