June 3, 2014

A Conversation Between Me and Kevin. Part 800.

When Kevin missed my birthday party:

As penance, I will take you to lunch.  A weekend perhaps since we'll both be working.  As early as this Sunday.  And the suffering I bear at this lunch will be due punishment for missing your big night.

Perfect!!! I can't wait!

Shut Up.

Then on the day of my belated birthday dinner with Kevin:

Where do you want to meet?

Any-goddamn-where you want
$8 max

Then, when Kevin came to see my solo show a couple of weeks later:

We were going to leave town for the weekend but didn't because of your show
Literally worse than dying in a fire

That's cause we are BFF!!! (emoticons of dancing people)

Then, when Kevin needed to exchange his tickets for another night:

We want to go tomorrow instead of tonight
Alternatively never

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